Girls Sleepover - Fun Things to Do at a Sleepover
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Girls Sleepover - Fun Things to Do at a Sleepover


Most teen girls look forward to organizing or being a part of a sleepover. After all, slumber parties give an unparalleled opportunity to them to be just themselves with their friends, without worrying about how they should look or behave (pajamas being the dress code for sleepovers!). A slumber party can be made immensely exciting if the number of invitees is not more than ten and if some interesting, unusual and fun things are planned.

Beauty Treatments

One of the fun things to do with friends is to trade manicures, pedicures, facials and other beauty treatments. Why spend so much on salon visits when you have friends to take care of you! So, relax and beautify each other and present your radiant and rejuvenated selves, the next day, at your school or college! Indeed, a great sleepover idea, isn't it?


Hold an event such as a talent show or a fashion show. Although, it would need a bit pre-planning, yet it would definitely add a fun element to your slumber party. So, all you girls can get together and plan to have a "red carpet" event, wherein you come dressed up like your favorite actress and then pose for photographs Hollywood-style. To make it even more real and exciting, click some photographs side by side! Another sleepover idea for girls vis-a-vis events is to hold your own version of American Idol. Have three girls judge everyone else's "performance".


Give each other a makeover. How? It's simple. Get hold of a beauty kit with eye shadows, eye liners, lipsticks, foundation, nail paints, etc. Search the Internet and learn how to apply make-up, and accordingly, give each other different kinds of looks. Cute, scary, sexy, romantic, crazy - all these are actually looks that you can create by intelligently applying make-up on one another!


Speaking of sleepover games, truth or dare is one which wins hands down in the amount of curiosity, fun and interest it can generate. To play this game, ask any of the girls to choose between truth or dare. If she chooses truth, ask her some fun truth or dare questions for teens, which she has to reply no matter what, otherwise she has to be ready to do some "dares"!



If your idea of fun is slightly different from the rest and you want to do some scary things, here is a prank which will scare the daylights out of your friends. Plan to watch a horror movie at the sleepover. In the middle of the film, sneak away, while none of your friends is noticing. Make sure that the lights are switched off. Apply black shoe polish on your face and red lipstick on your eye lids and mouth. Cover yourself with a white sheet and as soon as a scary scene in the movie comes, jump from behind on your friends!


If you girls enjoy it, plan a unique craft activity such as painting t-shirts with some cute, hilarious slogans and quotes. You will find plenty on the Internet. You will need some plain white t-shirts, painting colors and brushes to conduct this activity. Another girl night out idea is to paint similar t-shirts and wear them together, on the same day, to your college!

Besides these, other things to do at a sleepover are - discuss boys, share school or college gossip, watch movies, listen and sing to songs, dance, cook together, paint each other's nails, arm-wrestle, have pillow fights, etc. Have fun!

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