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Just got your hair dyed in flaming red? Wondering how to make a bold statement and become a head turner literally?
Categories: Womens Interests 
1028 days ago · From someone
No matter what the occasion, whether it is a formal soirée, or your prom, or even a homecoming, it is now possible to have come up with haircut styles and ideas ...
Categories: Womens Interests 
1027 days ago · From someone
Want to look insanely cool on the dance floor? Even if you have two left feet, this is the move for you. Learn the easy way in this FREE tutorial. Includes downloadable PDF.
Categories: HowTo and Style 
1020 days ago · From nathang
Snoop Dogg becomes Snoop Lion -- Snoop Dogg said he's tired of hip-hop and is now embracing reggae instead of the culture he once rapped about.
Categories: News 
972 days ago · From someone
Tip 1 Pay much attention to the greeting name of the email. If the email is from Paypal, it will call your real name or the business name of your Paypal account ...
888 days ago · From someone
After more than 30 years after baby Azaria Chamberlain disappeared from an Australian campsite, a coroner Elizabeth Morris delivered an emotional final ruling ...
Categories: News 
1023 days ago · From someone
India web users in India are once again able to access video and file-sharing sites, including The Pirate Bay ...
Categories: News 
1012 days ago · From someone
If you start teaching people using Roleplaying games like Dungeons & Dragons they will be able to learn real life skills without even realizing ..
Categories: Games and Gaming 
975 days ago · From someone
George Edwards, a Scottish skipper claims to have finally spotted the Loch Ness Monster ...
Categories: News 
970 days ago · From someone
To begin with, the Clarity is a key aspect of a diamond, and it is important to know how to grade the clarity of diamond before you buy one.
964 days ago · From someone
In real life, speakers cannot use chat emoticons, but they can use a lot of other cues to help them interpret what the other person is saying ...
962 days ago · From someone
If you've yet to jump on the curling iron bandwagon, here's your chance, because we're about to show you multiple hot hairstyles you can create yourself ...
Categories: Womens Interests 
959 days ago · From someone
Minecraft, a game which had been there for long has undergone numerous revisions. However, with all these changes, the game continues to be the favorite of our time.
Categories: Games and Gaming 
959 days ago · From someone
Your hairstyle and overall appearance say a lot about your personality, just like a book is judged by its cover ... Here are some popular teenager hairstyles ...
Categories: HowTo and Style 
957 days ago · From someone
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