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Top 5 Things to remember before joining:

1) We are not a adult site! SocialMunch network and our chat and cam rooms are clean and friendly. We do not tolerate bulling. Admins and Moderators will remove users found to be abusing our site and, or abusing other members.

2) SocialMunch is a social network, social media and discovery platform. We encourage members to share what interests them, connect with other users, build friendships, and participate in SocialMunch's many activities.

3) We do not tolerate spamming. Your personal profile should not be used to directly promote your business or spam links. SocialMunch has fantastic features that business owners can take advantage of!

4) People may not always be who they say or appear to be! Keep your personal information secret. People online, no matter how long you have been talking to them or how friendly they are, may not be who they say or who you think they are.

5) All of SocialMunch's services & features are 100% free including video chat rooms.

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